Elkjøp Nordic has chosen Sergel as their account receivables management provider for business customers. Sergel’s strong Nordic presence, shared reporting platform and similarities in business culture with Elkjøp Nordic were the main reasons behind the decision.

“For Elkjøp Nordic, three key factors led to choosing Sergel as the debt collection management provider for our B2B customers: They are very familiar with the Nordic landscape, they are present in our four main markets and customers will gain from having only one user interface”, says Eric Gunset Sønsterud, CFO at Elkjøp Nordic.

“In addition to this, at Sergel we experienced a culture and values which are familiar to us, and that made it an easy choice. Knowing that our partners are at the top of their field is highly important to us, as it allows us to continue delivering at the top of our field and to continue to increase the satisfaction of Elkjøp customers.”

High resolution rate
Effective handling of debt collection is one of Sergel’s priority areas in which the company places significant resources, to stay at the forefront with new digital solutions.

“The agreement with Elkjøp Nordic is an additional partnership in a long line of large businesses who have chosen Sergel because of our effective handling in the Nordic markets. Combining our local presence and our knowledge we create tailored solutions in which our customers only have one point of contact, streamlining the process and saving a lot of resources”, says Sven O. Ingebretsen, CEO of Sergel Norway.

High customer satisfaction is a stated objective by Elkjøp Nordic and Sergel’s focus on high resolution rate of the debt collection is based on a positive dialogue. To enable this, the caseworkers at Sergel have thorough insight into the relevant segments and markets, and the payment solutions are highly user friendly.

For an operator such as Elkjøp Nordic, a high resolution rate is imperative to ensure continuous profitability in a growing market.

“We expect to see strong growth in the B2B market over the next few years which will lead to an increase in our credit sales. We want to spend as much time as possible on direct customer contact and we therefore entrust such a professional company as Sergel with the handling of debt collection management and the challenges we expect it will bring”, says Erik Gunseth Sønsterud.

“Sergel Denmark is proud to be the preferred provider of debt collection management for B2B customers of one of the Nordic’s biggest trade businesses and looks forward to the partnership with Elkjøp Nordic and locally in Denmark Elgiganten A/S”, says Johan Bille, CEO Sergel Denmark.

About Elkjøp Nordic AS
Business area: trade (electronics and household appliances)
Turnover in 2016/2017: 34,2 billion NOK
Number of outlets in the Nordics: 400
Number of employees: 11,000

About Sergel Norden
Business area: credit management services
Turnover in 2017: 723 million SEK
Market presence: the Nordics and Baltics
Number of employees: 358

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