We can start our collection at several points in the process. For some customers, the best fit is that we take over after the first invoice defaults, others wish to send the reminders and/or the debt collection letter themselves. No matter when the case is forwarded to us, we will tailor processes so they fit every single customer. We handle a large number of debt collection cases every single day, and we know what actions results in payment with the end customer

Our main target is to raise the probability that the end customer pays and returns to their previous customer relationship. We reach this target through respect and credibility in our dialogue with the end customer.

Our collection team works for you and your cases. Their competences and insights in your cases ensure a highly efficient and professional follow-up on your customers.

Are you interested in hearing more? Contact Sergel on: salg-dk@sergel.com or phone.: +45 8233 7070.