Selling your receivables to Sergel means that your company can receive payments on every account. This means that you will see an immediate increase in your cash flow, and that you can free up resources to focus on your core business.

You decide when in the process, you wish to sell your receivables. Sergel can buy receivables as soon as the due date of the first invoice.

If you are considering selling your company’s receivables, we offer a variety of different possibilities:

  • Purchase of new receivables that have yet to go through the debt collection process
  • Single purchase of a depreciated portfolio
  • Receivables after end debt collection process and before surveillance

Use Sergel as your debt collection partner and we can buy your receivables when it fits your business. We have an efficient process built to handle large amounts of receivables and can offer advantageous prices in debt purchase.

Sergel’s good name and reputation in the industry ensures that the receivables we purchase will be treated after the highest standards within ethics, quality and expertise.

We do not purchase stand-alone receivables.

Are you interested in hearing more about what we can do for you? Contact Sergel on mail: or phone: +45 8233 7070