Avoid losses and increase the efficiency of your company’s profitability by credit valuating your existing and potential new customers using a simple process.

In coorperation with Bisnode, Sergel delivers credit ratings on your clients. This information can be essential for your future work with the customer and the conditions of the credit agreement you make. Credit ratings help you make the daily credit decisions, and eases the work you have to do to have an efficient and effective credit policy.

Credit reports – Business to business
Credit reports gives you an in depth knowledge of your customers current economic state, and gives you a overview of their key figures, company structure, owner hierachy, and credit rating.

Credit check – Business to Consumer and Business to Business
See if your customers are registered as bad payers before offering them a credit. That way you avoid going into cooperations with customers that don’t pay their bills. You can see payment remarks on both companies and consumers in Debitor Registret – Bisnodes debtor register.

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If you don’t already have an agreement with Sergel that includes credit ratings, contact Sergel on mail: salg-dk@sergel.com or phone: +45 8233 7070.